SG1 is the next part of the regeneration of Stevenage town centre and signals a bright new future for Stevenage.

SG1 will deliver a phased regeneration of 14.5 acres of land providing eleven new buildings on the western half of Stevenage town centre over the next ten years.

Phase 1 includes two plots: land currently occupied by Swingate House and Swingate car park (plot A, Northern Quarter) and land between The Towers and The Vista Apartments (plot K, Southgate Park) on land formerly occupied by the police station.

You can find out more about the planning process for SG1 and the anticipated timescales by visiting the FAQ’s section of this website. The SG1 planning application documents can be viewed online by visiting the Council’s website.

“As a business we have a reputation for delivery, delivering some of the most complex schemes across the UK and worldwide. We are fully committed to make this scheme a success, helping transform the town centre through a high quality and comprehensive redevelopment and generating a lasting legacy for years to come.”

David Grover, Chief Executive Officer Development, Mace

A vision for change

The SG1 masterplan area runs north to south from Swingate House, down Danestrete, and includes land along Southgate and between Southgate and Six Hills Way.

The submitted planning application proposals include:

  • More than 1 million sq. ft of new residential-led mixed-use development to be delivered in phases;
  • 1,867 new homes for sale and to rent with 760 of these being provided in the first phase (plots A & K);
  • Circa 39,000 sq. ft of new ground floor retail and commercial space to attract an improved café and restaurant offer to the town;
  • Over 130,000 sq. ft of new public open space including a garden square, pedestrianised boulevard and landscaped park;
  • A new 100,000 sq. ft Public Services Hub including community assets such as health services, library, voluntary sector, café and council offices; and
  • A new primary school.

“Our vision is to reinvigorate the centre of Stevenage so that it once again represents the aspirations of its people and makes provision for the opportunities they seek.

Stevenage was, and should be again, a destination town centre with a combined retail, leisure and residential offer that will meet the needs of our population,and attract visitors well into the future.”

Stevenage Central Vision, Stevenage Borough Council

Key principles of the Masterplan

 The key principles of the masterplan are based on a comprehensive and integrated approach to regeneration, ensuring a successful and prosperous future for Stevenage town centre:

  1. A vibrant town centre – five new urban communities with a variety of high quality housing types;
  2. Attractive new spaces – four characterful new public spaces and improvements to the existing town square, encouraging people to stay and enjoy the town centre year round, reinvigorating the night time economy with more places to eat. Greening of the town centre to bring life, colour and ecology;
  3. Improved public services – a new shared public services hub that brings together community assets like local libraries, voluntary sector, café and council offices all under one roof, allowing easier access, improving efficiency and lowering costs;
  4. A destination town centre  – a range of new shopping opportunities to support town centre activities and enhancing existing businesses;
  5. Safe and attractive public transport, cycle and pedestrian links – attractive, well-signposted and integrated streets that allow pedestrians and cyclists to access convenient and sustainable travel choices between the town centre and surrounding destinations;
  6. High quality design – the creation of high quality new buildings, public spaces and green landscape inspired by the town’s rich history; and
  7. A town centre for the future – a sustainable development that will include low and zero carbon technologies, ecological enhancements and promote sustainable living.

Aerial photograph of town centre with SG1 masterplan shown within red line

Draft masterplan for Stevenage Town Centre with SG1 development area highlighted


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