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What is the area covered by SG1?

The extent of the SG1 regeneration area includes Danestrete up to Swingate House, the bus station, the site of Mecca Bingo, the existing Council offices, the Plaza and the western section of the Town Square (excluding Primark and the buildings to the north and east of the Town Square), and the areas to the south of Southgate to the east and west of The Towers. The site excludes some properties that are within the boundary of SG1, namely The Towers and Holiday Inn Express.

Areas that are adjacent to SG1 but excluded from the development include Matalan, Queensway shops, Westgate Shopping centre, Vista, Skyline and the Magistrates Court.

The first phase of SG1 includes the development of two sites. These are the former police station on Southgate (known as plot K), and the area of the Swingate Car Park and Swingate House opposite the West Gate Shopping Centre (known as plot A).

You can see the emerging masterplan and its boundary on the Home page.

How large is the area covered by SG1?

14.5 acres.

Who currently owns the land?

The majority of the land is owned by Stevenage Borough Council. We will be talking with all land owners and tenants affected by the plans at the appropriate time to discuss relocation options within the town centre.

Who is behind SG1?

SG1 is a partnership between Stevenage Borough Council and Mace to deliver the next phase in the regeneration of Stevenage Town Centre. The SG1 team includes:

Developer and Development Manager: Mace

Cost consultant: Mace Cost Consultancy

Town planning and EIA: RPS

Architect and Urban Design: PRP

Architect for Public Services (The Hub): Bennetts Associates

Landscape: LDA

Structural and Civil Engineers: WSP

MEP Engineers: Ramboll

Legal: Eversheds

Communications & community involvement: Polity

What is the relationship between Stevenage Borough Council and Mace?

SG1 is a partnership between Stevenage Borough Council and Mace to deliver the next phase in the regeneration of Stevenage Town Centre. Stevenage Borough Council selected Mace as their Developer Partner following a competitive tendering process.

What experience does the SG1 team have of this kind of work?

Mace is an international development, consultancy and construction company with almost 30 years of experience in delivering landmark projects across the globe. The company has an excellent track record in delivering major development and regeneration projects. Visit Mace Group for more information.

The SG1 team combines a unique blend of people, skills knowledge and expertise backed by a strong balance sheet and reputation for delivering top quality buildings and places.

How will the unique heritage of Stevenage town centre be protected?

The important heritage of Stevenage provides a real opportunity to create a unique sense of place in SG1.

All new buildings and the public realm will respond to Stevenage’s heritage by positively contributing to the town’s character. The town square will be recognised and reinforced as a key public asset. Buildings will relate appropriately to the scale, massing and architectural language of the existing town centre, particularly the Town Square Conservation Area.

What is the proposed timescale for SG1?

The land within SG1 will be released at different times, so the development will come forward in several phases over the next 10 years.

The current projected timescales are:

Summer 2019: Public consultation.

Autumn 2019: Start of town square works. Planning submission of outline SG1 masterplan and detailed plans of phase 1 (plots A & K).

Autumn/Winter 2019: Consultation by Stevenage Borough Council on planning submission.

Spring 2020: Planning decision by Stevenage Borough Council.

Summer 2020: Completion of town square works.

2020: Start of phase 1 (plots A & K).

2023: Start of phase 2.

2024: Start of phase 3.

2027: Start of phase 4.

When do you expect to submit a planning application?

Following public consultation in the summer and early autumn of 2019, the SG1 planning application was submitted by Mace to the Planning Authority at Stevenage Borough Council on 20th December 2019. The Planning Authority will consider the application and representations later in 2020 prior to making a decision. This is expected during Spring 2020 . You can view the SG1 planning application documents and submit your views via the Planning Authority’s website.

How long will it be before construction work begins?

The works on the town square are expected to commence in the Autumn of 2019. We expect work to commence on the first phase of SG1 in the first half of 2020.

When will SG1 be completed?

We expect the project to take around 10 years from start to finish.